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Preclinical studies

BridgePharm company to provide services of high quality on carrying out all phases of clinical trials (I-IV) of medicines on favorable terms.

Successful cooperation with medical institutions and investigators with significant experience in different nosology groups allows to quickly select the most suitable clinical sites for the most complex research activities.

Development of Preclinical study plan

Original medicines

Toxicity studies: 

Acute and subacute (subchronic) toxicity, chronic toxicity, local irritant effect

The specific types of toxicity:

Mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity, carcinogenic effects, allergenic effects, immunotoxic effects

Pharmacological safety

Specific pharmacological activity in vivo, in vitro.

Pharmacokinetic studies 

PD/PK studies (specific pharmacology activity)


Generic medicines

Toxicity studies:


Acute and subacute (subchronic) toxicity, chronic toxicity, local irritant effect in comparison with the registered reference product.



Biosimilar products:

In vitro studies (in cell culture / receptor binding studies), chronic toxicity, local irritant effect, immunotoxic effects, PD/PK studies in comparison with the registered reference product.



Study design development

·        Test product / reference product / control (placebo, active control)

·        Amount of groups and animals within a group

·        Administration of the product

·        Types of the studies


Selection of the research sites based on the study design

·        Site facilities audit

·        Study audit

·        Ensuring GLP compliance


Validation of preclinical study reports

·        Review of the study report and ensuring of compliance with local and international requirements

·        Development of preclinical program meeting the local registration requirements



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