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Data management

BridgePharm company to provide services of high quality on carrying out all phases of clinical trials (I-IV) of medicines on favorable terms.

Successful cooperation with medical institutions and investigators with significant experience in different nosology groups allows to quickly select the most suitable clinical sites for the most complex research activities.

Data Management plans development

We provide data management services in accordance with high quality standards. A comprehensive Data Management plan is prepared for all studies. After alignment with study Sponsor, the Data Management plan is strictly followed for all data management procedures.

EDC and eCRF

We use the extensive capabilities of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems in order to accelerate the data collection and processing, while keeping the operational expenses significantly low. We develop electronic Case Report Form in order to facilitate timely data entry by investigational teams, which leads to real-time tracking of the data and key metrics.

Data entry from paper CRFs

We execute transfer of the data form paper CRFs to e-database utilizing controlled double-blind data entry.

Database validation

All electronic systems used within the studies are validated in accordance with the industry standards.

Queries management

We perform management of the queries: creation and distribution of Data Clarification Forms (DCF), collection, entry and analysis within desirable timelines. The most efficient queries turnover may be achieved due to well-designed eCRF incorporating appropriate automatic and manual data-checks.

Metrics tracking

Real-time access to data allows us to utilize it for advanced control of the study progress by applying the tracking of certain metrics informative to the study.

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